Metal Art Gates pricing

We are often asked for a ball-park price for a job that hasn't been designed and without knowledge of the site. We can provide an estimate if the design is similar to one shown on the web site, since no two jobs are the same this would only be a rough estimate. If it is a completely new design, we will work with you on the design and price from the completed design.

The design stage is your opportunity to convey both the practical requirements and visual characteristics of your new piece of ironwork.  Our system is this:
  • Meet with you on site within a 2 hr drive at no charge
  • Charge at an hourly rate for designs drawn up for your project. This can be a set maximum.
  • Once we have agreed a final design, we can price the job
  • At this point, payment is due for the design stage and the design is yours
  • On receipt of a deposit and signed acceptance of our proposed ironwork, we schedule the project and plan the installation etc.
We are located in Bend, Oregon and can easily service the Central Oregon communities.



Metal Art Gates specializes in custom metal gates and sculptures for the outdoors.